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About DPS

About Us

Dadhichi Public School “A Dream School” of our Chairman Dr. Manoj Kumar Dash and Managing Trustee Mrs. Babita Dash, was established in 2006, with a dream to enlighten the torch of education in the lives of children in Odisha and to empower them with the power of knowledge.  The school was created to encourage the children to dream big and discover their innate potential to achieve their dreams. The Principal of the school, Mr. Debendra Nath Bhatta, believes that it’s never too late to rediscover the child inside us and liberate ourselves from a lifetime of limitation, excuse and fear. With such enthusiasm and zeal in our heart, we can always reach out with confidence, true personal power and grace to co-create a world in which Dreamers of all nations recognize a universal dream- “Dream of Peace”.

When a child steps into this beautiful world with his open arms, so inquisitive to know everything about the world around, the parents start dreaming of good education for him.  Now, the time has come to end their search and realize their dreams i.e. “DADHICHI PUBLIC SCHOOL” A HOME AWAY FROM HOME, providing infinite excellence, comfort and serene homely environment.  The Management, Principal and the staff members firmly believe in imparting value based knowledge to each and every child.  Little Noddies are groomed up with special care in a loving and playful environment.  Teachers are loving, affectionate and full of enthusiasm, always on their toes to give their best to them.  The school emphasizes on all round development of a child.  They are encouraged to participate in various Inter School Competitions like elocution, science exhibition, flower making and many more.

Our Mission
• To provide a platform to every child to explore his/her potential
• Imparting modernised education with eastern values
• To create global leaders in every domain
• To be a pioneer in quality education
• To mould every child into a good human

Our Vision

We envision a world in which every child with regardless of background, dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit.

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